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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mother had helped him escape, and two other men still on the loose. reporter: a swarm of police in east oakland guns drawn and aimed and a handful of residents ordered out of their homes, hands up. >> i never witnessed nothing personally like this. >> reporter: police say it started with a violent carjacking. four armed men stole the jaguar seen here around 11 a.m. when an officer spotted the car, the men took off crashed the car and scattered somewhere in this east oakland neighborhood. as they ran, one man brandished a gun and an officer opened fire, missing him. another suspect knocked a woman to the ground in her own home before leaving and hiding elsewhere. >> they have guns drawn at my house. >> reporter: she says she, her husband and family members were leaving their house baby in tow when they were ordered to freeze. >> i just got pulled out of my husband because they said someone ran this way. they put my husband in handcuffs. they put my brother and his
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little kids and i'm just now coming home from school trying to take my aren't a car back and now -- rent a car back and now i'm stuck. i can't get nowhere. i didn't commit no crime. >> reporter: two other suspects were arrested as the hunt for the remaining men continued with one tactical team moving door to door. nearby east oakland pride elementary school and castlemont high went into lockdown. school officials took students off the playground back to class. in the perimeter, neighbors drawn into the street by a spectacle of flashing lights, helicopters and police cars for a manhunt that showed no sign of coming to a close. and that manhunt still no sign of coming to a close at this point. as i said 75% of this perimeter search and the other two suspects haven't been found. authorities say they are still hoping that those remaining men are hiding somewhere within the perimeter. they have not identified the two men who were arrested but they say they have criminal records and have been involved with some high-profile crimes here in east oakland.
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>> give us a sense of where you are. you are on the edge of the perimeter? cars are diverted around? >> reporter: that's right. many of these cars right here are actually being rerouted around the perimeter and as we said it's several blocks long. this is just the back end of it on 81st and bancroft but it goes as far as 88th. >> keep us updated, christin ayers in oakland. thanks. another case high on oakland pd's list the deadly shooting of a man killed in front of his 6-year-old son. it happened at the corner of 103rd avenue and international boulevard in east oakland yesterday. 39-year-old jose esparza and his son were leaving a market. that was about 1:00 in the afternoon when two men approached them. esparza was shot as the men tried to rob him. the 6-year-old boy was not physically hurt. roads are still closed after a nasty accident this morning in napa county involving a flatbed truck towing firefighting equipment. chp says the cal fire flatbed
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blew a tire while transporting a bulldozer on highway 12 near i-80 this morning causing a head-on chain reaction crash that crushed three vehicles killing the driver of the sedan. right now, highway 12 is shut down at the solano county line. >> they were headed home after being down here to help out with the fires that just occurred in the vacaville- fairfield area. >> 8 people were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. the big rig driver was not seriously hurt. no word yet when the road will reopen. tonight, bart passengers are bracing for round 3. but this time, protestors are planning something different. if tonight's protest does happen, this would be the third monday in a row that demonstrators disrupt bart's evening commute. and tonight, there could be a dueling demonstration with protestors possibly greeted by counterprotesters. joe vazquez is at the civic center station. joe, how's it looking right
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now? >> reporter: elizabeth, right now, status quo. you can see behind me there are some demonstrators that have gathered here at civic center plaza right above the bart station. trains are running right now. nothing has changed as far as transportation goes. let me show you down below now of cops are on the platform. they have suited up in riot gear. they say just like last week, they were going to be very aggressive about arresting demonstrators as well as shutting train stations if they have to. as for the protestors, they say they are going to do something different. it's as if they are aware their public relations image is failing badly. they are being seen as the folks making commuters late getting home so this collection of online activists known as "anonymous," they are urging their members not to go downstairs to the platforms, not to march around and shut down market street. they are asking their own demonstrators to stay above here at civic center plaza and protest peacefully. there are several dozen protestors me but also joining us now is a man who says you
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are a counter protestor. there are several of you here. there was a man who is whistled the national anthem. >> that's right. >> reporter: bottom line here, what are your thoughts about niece protests? >> we are trying to be peaceful and not cause any problems for the commuters, just make a statement. the main statement i'm here for is that bart police need to calm down as far as violence. there is no need -- first there was oscar grant now a drunk guy in civic center. they had tasers and all. they could have used that. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: thank you very much for joining us here. one last thing i should note, elizabeth. i spoke with a member of "anonymous" today who said they are not sure how big the turnout is going to be because right now, first day of burning man will see the numbers that we have seen the last couple of weeks. >> we'll have to see how it goes. joe vazquez at the civic center station, thank you. the protests are taking a financial toll on muni. the last demonstration cost muni about $70,000.
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they had to bring in extra station agents and parking control officers to get muni riders around trouble spots. muni says it will not seek rei am busment from bart. irene is history but the number of dead is 38 in eleven states. now some areas are pounded by powerful floodwaters. some of the worst damage is in vermont where rain turned streams into raging rivers. the floodwaters destroyed roads, bridges, cutting off more than a dozen towns in vermont and upstate new york. >> the amount of damage is devastating in some areas. >> we have been pumping our house at least 20 times. the water keeps going right back in. >> millions of homes and businesses lost power at some point during the storm. they say it could take a week or more before the power is back on for everyone. in new york city, subway service is partially restored. but rail service is spotty because of flooding as well as mud slides. airports in the northeast are starting to reopen but travel
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still a mess. nearly 1500 flights were cancelled today. that's in addition to the nearly 12,000 grounded over the weekend. at sfo, 31 flights were cancelled today. 26 arrivals, five departures. yesterday more than 40 flights were cancelled at sfo. there were also a few cancellations at oakland as well as mineta san jose airport. but the phrase it could have been worse was heared long the east coast. they were prepared for the worst-case scenario. as danielle nottingham shows, many politicians were eager to show voters they were ready to respond. reporter: president obama says it will be days before anyone knows just how much damage hurricane irene caused. >> it's going to take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude. >> reporter: federal and state officials are out surveying the storm's destruction. the white house credits fema and other emergency personnel for their preparation knowing it could have been a lot worse. >> we can't wait to know how
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bad it is before we get ready. >> reporter: the white house made it a point to show president obama leading during the storm. he attended several briefings, cut his summer vacation short, and made a trip to fema's command center. state and local leaders also stepped up their visibility. new york city mayor michael bloomberg, who faced widespread criticism last winter when a blizzard crippled his city, got out in front of irene and shut down the subway system. >> this was the best scenario. we took all the appropriate precautions. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie, who also came under fire for his absence during the blizzard, updated residents on irene's progress then flew off to tour the damage right after the storm. >> the fact that we were successful in evacuating over a million people from the most affected areas was a preemptive measure that i am confident saved lives. >> reporter: early damage estimates from irene are in the billions.
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president obama pledged that storm victims will have everything they need to get back on their feet. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. next, a never-before-seen look atop the new bay bridge tower. >> i'm not a child. i'm an adult. >> too small to be in the front seat. one grown woman's weight becomes a major safety issue. and new meaning to byob. what one south bay city is getting rid of that's sure to leave behind a very smelly mess. ,, ,,,,,,
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setback for nasa. all of the astronauts may need to leave the international space station... at least for awhile. a major setback for nasa. all the astronauts may need to leave the international space station at least for a while. >> here's why. a russian soyuz supply ship was destroyed during liftoff last week. it is similar to the one used
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regularly to launch astronauts. until official figure out what went wrong, there will be no way to resupply and launch new astronauts before the current crew leaves in november. flight controllers could keep the space station operating remotely. a transformation under way at moffett field. workers are stripping the historic hangar one right down to the bones you might say. the navy is removing and disposing of the metal wall which contains chemicals such as asbestos and lead paint. what's now left in some places is just that as you see the metal skeleton. nasa is going to be responsible for restoring the walls, but still uncertain if it's going to have the money to do that. the agency could decide to demolish historic hangar one instead. tonight for the first time, you can finally get a real look at what the new span at the bay bridge will look like. in a few hours, caltrans will flip on the lights showing the
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new catwalk lit up at night. mike sugerman joins us from the bay bridge construction site. hi, mike. [ pause ] >> all right. we'll get back to mike sugerman when we get back. >> and we'll be right back. ,,
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tonight... after the apparent murder of one of its councilme a small community of fort bragg is in shock tonight after the apparent murder of one of the councilmen over weekend. 69-year-old jere melo was investigating an illegal marijuana growing operation when he was shot allegedly by the man who was guarding the farm. investigators are looking for 35-year-old arron bassler a transient with a history of run- ins with the law. a mother accused of attacking an elementary school principal on campus is under arrest. police say she punched him twice. as andrea menniti it shows us, it was all about a t-shirt. reporter: the new dress code isn't sitting well with all parents but no one here expected the debate would turn
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violent. this mother, 29-year-old pamy gibbs accused of punching her son's principal in the face because the fillmore elementary school leader asked the third grader to change his skull t- shirt inside out. >> out of nowhere struck her a couple of times on the face and she was immediately separated by a couple of staff members. >> reporter: but broke free, that's when police say gibbs punched principal evangeline ramos a second time and even yelled a racial slur and got in her car and sped off. a handful of students witnessed the attack. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the school recently mandated students wear uniforms and because the semester only started about a month ago, administrators giving students a chance to get used to the new rules. so the district says the problem isn't that the little boy wasn't in uniform. it's what was on the shirt. >> it was a matter of
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inappropriateness of the skulls. carries a message of violence. >> kids are into that kind of stuff and if it was such a -- if it was such a big deal, why not you know -- [ indiscernible ] talk about it. you can always ask for like a meeting. >> reporter: this is ramos' first year on the job as a principal. she was rushed to the hospital and a couple of hours after the attack district police officers arrested gibbs after her stockton home. she now faces a pair of felonies and misdemeanors. >> i think that everyone was taken by surprise by the attack. >> reporter: gibbs remains locked up. as for the principal, the district says she is expected to recover. in stockton, andrea menniti, cbs 5. it is a federal requirement all new passenger cars have to have front airbags. but what happens if you don't weigh enough to trigger it? on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us one woman's fight for an airbag. >> reporter: according to national highway traffic safety administration, airbags should be deactivated for passengers
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between 52 and 108 pounds due to the risk of injury from the airbag itself. but some car makers set those limits even higher causing concern for some full-grown adults classified as children. >> i am 5'3" with my boots on and i'm approximately 103 pounds. >> reporter: she may be small but when she sits in the passenger seat of her 2011 nissan frontier, she doesn't think the air bags should deactivate. >> i'm not a child. i'm an adult. i need an airbag. >> reporter: and she doesn't like what she has been told. >> here are the suggestion. gain some weight and don't ever be a passenger in a truck. >> reporter: initially she says her dealership was concerned. >> it's a major safety issue. we need to take care of it for you. >> reporter: she says they replaced part of her seat and it didn't work so now she rides around in fear. >> that i'm going to get in an accident and i'm going to get killed because i don't have an airbag. >> reporter: nissan confirmed her truck is most likely classifying her as a child based on her stature and weight
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distribution and says the system is working as designed by turning off the air bags to help reduce the risk of inflation injuries. but is it really safer for a 100-pound woman? the national highway traffic safety administration website says some advanced airbag systems are designed to turn a frontal airbag off for kids or small adults. but that doesn't make aims feel any safer. >> hope that i never get in an accident. >> reporter: she did finally get her airbag to activate by placing 30 pounds of weight in her lap but at 103 pounds, a spokesman for the nhtsa says she is likely safer without the air bag as long as she is wearing mer seatbelt. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. it was a $60,000 annual expense that san jose couldn't afford anymore. free plastic dog waste bags in public parks. when the city account off funds for the bags, volunteers at one park stepped in. they donated money to buy bags and keep the dispensers stocked.
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the san jose rose garden is a community effort that has won a national award and earned the gratitude of dog owners. >> i think it's a great idea. people donating to keep the bags here, because a lot of people don't even use them even if they're here but at least keep the trash can here. >> the friends of the rose garden group is also offering to help other neighborhood groups set up similar programs. they say they would like to see the free bag program go citywide. five days it's still burning. flames char thousands of acres near yosemite national park. how the crews are doing in the firefight. and one week from today it will be labor day. the weather feature that will affect thousands up and down the coast and no, i'm not talking about the fog. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first time, you can finally get a real look at what the new span
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of the bay bridge will look. in tonight for the first time you can finally get a real look at what the new span of the bay bridge will look like. in just a few hours, caltrans will flip on the lights showing the new catwalk lit up at night. >> promised this to you earlier. we have the bugs worked out. mike sugerman is joining us, a little digital breakup but you're there on top. >> reporter: i am on top of the world! at least 50 stories above the bay for the view that you probably haven't seen before because no one has seen it b this is the top of the tower of the new bay bridge. let's take a look at the oakland shipyards. and down there there's the old bay bridge which the workhorse of the bay area. and if you can see the orange catwalk, if you probably had seen if you drive the bay bridge. tonight they are going to light this catwalk and it will look pretty much like the new bridge will look when it's completed with 14 lights on each side. and then don ford if we can get
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a shot of -- oh, geez, a big hole. there is a big hole in the roadway, and that's where the last pieces of the bridge will be going. they arrived here yesterday from china, 5,000 pounds and they are going to be stuck in there in the next several months. so we are getting a look here at what's the new bay bridge will look like when the lights go on. it will look like the cable, the self-standing suspension bridge, the world's biggest, and the lights will give you an idea about what it's going to look like. they say they are going to be done in the fall of 2013. that's 6 months early. and 22 years late. allen? >> absolutely. when do you that kind of math. mike, care. , don't step in any holes in the road. >> reporter: i'm standing still. >> thought we lost you the first time. don't want to lose you
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permanently. mike, take care, be careful, see you at 6:00. >> keep on that hard hat. it could take another week before a fire outside yosemite national park is finally out. as of now the fire is about one- third contained. so far it burned nearly 5,000 acres. a 15-mile stretch of highway 140, which leads into the national park, that is still closed. the fire chased dozens of people out of their homes as well as the campgrounds yesterday and firefighters are warning more evacuations could be necessary. the flames started on thursday, apparently a motorhome caught fire and started it all. i know weather is probably playing a huge role in what the firefighters are able to to do with that fire. roberta? >> it's very breezily. westerlies kicking up to 22 to 23 miles an hour. you can see our live cbs 5 weather camera from dublin inspiration circle looking towards mount diablo. notice the trees moving gracefully with that wind. here are the wind-swept blue
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skies and the city of san francisco where the current air temperature is in the mid-60s at 65. lots of clear skies until the marine layer moves in. i was telling you earlier about an event that will happen at the beaches beginning by midweek. it's high surf. right now we have a storm out over the southern hemisphere. and it's going to cause some extremely high waves and dangerous rip currents mid maurice dubois beginning on midweek. watches and warnings will be issued as everybody heads to the beach for the holiday weekend. the coast is clear but higher surf will affect all south- facing beaches. i'm talking big sur, also around the santa cruz area. and into stinson beach in marin county. in addition to that we are seeing a deeper marine layer. currently it's clear. 68 in the bay in oakland. 88 concord after highs today in
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the low 90s. if you are out and about within the next sixty minutes, clouds moving in later at the beaches. you will see sunset at 7:43. if you are heading to the giants gameplaying host to the chicago cubs, game time temperature is 60 but very breezy conditions. so make sure you bundle up. we'll drop into the 50s tonight from about 5 1 to 61 degrees for overnight lows. marine layer pushing in inland overnight with the westerlies about 10 to 15 miles per hour dialing back after midnight. tomorrow with a strong west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, i wouldn't bank on any clearing. at the coast, 68 degrees. temperatures lower due to the cooler air mass aloft. 69 in alameda and down from the low 90s to 84 degrees in livermore. you're going to feel the difference no sunshine along
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the beaches, 50s, 60s. 9 79 in san jose. temperatures bumped up by friday. holding steady through the holiday weekend. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. "...we saw this problem, and saw an opportunity" e. i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> we saw in problem and an tune. >> this looks like any other house but you're going to see


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